Information and advice for pre–school children

Children can join their local library at any age.


We run song, action rhyme and storytelling events in all of our libraries. They’re free and you just need to turn up.

See a list of events for pre–school children.

Free books

We give out free book packs from the national Bookstart scheme. These Bookstart packs are available at two stages before children go to school:

When your child can collect their second Bookstart pack:

When your child is 3 When you can collect their Bookstart pack
Between 01 September and 31 December After 01 January
Betwen 01 January and 31 March After 01 April
Between 01 April and 31 August After 01 September

Bookstart packs for families where English is a second language

We have packs in 28 different languages.  To order a pack email

Bookstart packs for children with severe visual and/or hearing impairments

Email us at for special Booktouch and/or Bookshine packs.


  • The Bookstart website has information and games for parents, carers and children
  • The Bookstart Bear Club is a free club for babies, toddlers, pre–school children and their families and carers