Health & wellbeing links

Advocacy and mediation

  • Ace Anglia – An independent Suffolk based advocacy service for people with learning disabilities
  • Feedback – Offers support to help express your views on mental health in Great Yarmouth and Waveney
  • Suffolk Family Carers – Support and advice for unpaid family carers in Suffolk
  • Suffolk User Forum – Operating through the east and west of Suffolk helping to shape the mental health services
  • Voiceability Total Voice Suffolk – Mental health advocacy service, including IMHA and IMCA services

Alcohol and drug dependency

Anger management

  • MIND (National) – Downloadable fact sheet from Mind on how to deal with anger
  • NHS Choices – Online video and hints and tips on how to on how to deal with anger
  • Suffolk Mind – Anger management course


  • NHS Choices – Why do you feel anxious and panicky? Video and information to help
  • Rethink – What are anxiety disorders and how can they be treated
  • Mind (National) – Downloadable fact sheet on anxiety and panic attacks

Ask for help


Bipolar disorder

  • Mental Health Foundation – Information on what Bipolar is and how it can be treated
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists – Printable leaflet on medications prescribed to help mood swings
  • BBC – Printable 24-page booklet on Bipolar with preface by Stephen Fry
  • Bipolar UK – Information from the National Bipolar Charity and find your local support group

Care Act

  • Care Act – Information on the new Care Act 2014 including an online video and an easy read version


Counselling and online therapy





Hallucinations and voice hearing

Local organisations websites


  • NSFT pharmacy – When should I stop taking my meds? Find out about medication with downloadable information
  • NHS Choices – Find out about dosage, medication side effects and more

Miscarriage and postnatal

  • NHS Choices – Support and advice on the emotional impact of miscarriage
  • Child Bereavement UK – National charity that supports families through loss of a child including miscarriage .
  • NHS Choices – Information on how postnatal depression can affect you

Money & debt

National organisations

  • Mental Health Foundation – Hundreds of free downloadable resources and fact sheets
  • Mind – Advice and guidance from national charity with up to date campaign news and facts about living with mental ill health
  • Rethink – Information and guidance, local support groups and telephone support both locally and nationally
  • Samaritans – Available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Saneline – National campaigning charity, phone helpline (available 1800-2300), information and guidance

Personality disorder


  • NHS Choices – Defines the main symptoms of psychosis
  • Rethink – Possible causes and treatments for psychosis


  • NHS Choices – What schizophrenia is and how it can be treated
  • Rethink – Information and telephone support with downloadable fact sheets
  • Sane – Downloadable fact sheet


  • Harmless – A user led support service for people who self-harm and for those affected by self-harm
  • Mind – Downloadable information on what self harm is
  • Sane – Free download for people who self-harm or if you are concerned about someone that does


  • Combat Stress – Mental health support for British armed forces veterans
  • NHS Choices – Defines post-traumatic stress disorder
  • NHS Choices – For those struggling with stress
  • Mind – Free downloadable leaflet about stress

Suicide prevention and family support